How to download an image?

Find and select the photo you want. Clicking on the photo will open an additional window, where you can download a high-resolution photo by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD FOR FREE" link below.

How to search for photos?

Currently, they can be searched by Lithuanian keywords on the home page. Just type in any word or phrase like: tv tower and if there is a picture with that keyword, you will be shown that picture below. Otherwise, you can just scroll through all the photos in the section Gallery.

How many photos are in the gallery?

There are currently 393 photos in the gallery. By the end of the project, there will be 700 of them.

What size are the downloadable photos?

The size of the long edge of the downloaded photos is 4000px. NOTE: When looking at the pictures on the website, the quality may appear lower than what it actually is.

What is this gallery for?

For people who need photos of Vilnius. They can be used personally as well as for companies, organizations, brands, artists or musicians. These photos can be used to decorate desktops, press releases, web pages, social media accounts, newsletters, albums, covers, posters, flyers, postcards and other media. The gallery can also be used to search for locations for filming, photo sessions or events. Finally, gallery photos can become the inspiration or a means to share Vilnius with others.

What makes this gallery special?

The gallery is special because all the photos are taken with medium format or 35mm film cameras. You can read more about the features of the project in an ABOUT section.

Where and how can you not use photos from this gallery?

Photos may not be sold in digital or print format by anyone else and no one can assign itself or assign anyone else the copyrights of these photos and dispose them as the owners.

Who owns the copyright of the photos?

The copyright of all photos on the page belongs to the author of these photos - Kipris Štreimikis. Downloading photos in no way gives the copyright to the person, company or organisation who downloaded the photo.

Why do the photos on the website appear to be poor quality?

Due to the optimization features, the pictures on the website are displayed in lower quality, but when you download you get the original size picture.


Throughout the project, I follow the topics related to publicity very carefully. As a result, gallery photos that contain visible people either have their faces blurred or pixelated beyond recognition, or those people have given consent for their photos to be used in this gallery. However, if you see that any photo violates the principle of publicity, contact me and this photo will be taken off the gallery.