Goal of the Project

The goal of the "700 Vilnius" project is to create a free and easily accessible film image stock of Vilnius. Where people would use the images without compensation for their personal and Vilnius-related purposes.

The Meaning

The significance of this project is to have high-resolution and currently popular stylistic film images of Vilnius, which can not only be admired, but also used for free in communication, presenting Vilnius in Lithuania and abroad.

Vilnius, which we are used to seeing in photos, is a potpourri of individual events but until now there has not been a coherent and easily accessible gallery of everyday Vilnius captured through the eyes of a passer-by.


When photographing Vilnius, the goal was to capture a clean panorama of the city, unencumbered by advertisements or distinguishing signs. Also to portray the youthful, energetic, sustainable lifestyle of people in the city. During the photography process, it was not intended to capture celebrations or other organized events. It was and is more aimed to capture the everyday, slightly more beautiful Vilnius than we sometimes notice. This gallery is like a behind-the-scenes look at city life amidst the constant changes and happenings.

Use of Images

Although when the project was initiated, its exact use was not clear, but every day of the project opens new directions for the use of these Vilnius photos. People not only use them to beautify their desktops and social networks, but companies use them on their websites and during presentations. I am very happy to learn that it is this gallery that is intended to be used to present the locations of Vilnius to representatives of the foreign film industry.

The uses of this gallery are endless and what can be a source for inspiration or information, can become a print on a wall or a postcard traveling across the Atlantic.

Why Film?

While digital photography allows us to select the photos we like from hundreds of similar shots, we do not have that luxury with film. The process is slow and very meticulous. Therefore, the photos in this gallery are well thought out.

Also, in addition to the fact that film has living and tangible proof of each photo - the negative. It provides unique and sometimes uncontrollable colors and characteristics that add a cinematic atmosphere to photos.

Film is real. Film is chemistry.